Tuesday, November 22, 2011

2011 is coming to a close, but it was a great year. Indoor Nationals at Albuquerque, Worlds in Sacramento, and Outdoor Nationals in Berea - Super meets! 2012 promises some great ones too: Bloomington, Indiana for the Indoor Nationals, Finland for the Indoor Worlds, and Lisle, Illinois for the Outdoor Nationals. My bags are packed!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Oshkosh - Oh my goodness, what a meet!

The facility at Oshkosh, where the 2009 USATF Masters National Outdoor Championships were held from 7/9/09 to 7/12/09, was second to only Eugene, and not by much!! If you missed this meet, you missed a great one. A large LED sign posted results quickly. A warmup track was adjacent to the main MONDO track, and athletes had plenty of shade in the warm-up tent. A paper copy of results was posted daily, and the concession stand was open most of the time. The pole vault pits were just inside the track on the home stretch, allowing all the fans to see this great event easily. Throwing areas were very close, too. It was easy to walk around and see whatever you wanted. The officials were great. Bleachers appeared to be everywhere for spectators to watch every desired event. Temperatures were pretty good (80's) but it certainly got hot on the field, with mild winds changing direction almost daily.

A few things I'd like to see:
Shade - The stands didn't have shade until mid-afternoon (after the sun moved behind the stadium pressbox.)
T-Shirts - these were being sold, for at least $20. I don't know of any other souvenirs. I like to get hat-pins commemorating these meets.
Awards - Medals didn't mention the location or the year.
LED Sign - The clock continued to run after athletes finished. Would like to see two times: one running time, and the other stopped when 1st place finishes.

Overall signage and instructions could have been better. A map of the facility in the packet would have been nice, indicating important things like the Check-In area, etc.

There was no schedule in the packet.

The 1st day or two, they charged everyone $3 for parking close to the stadium, and charged non-athletes for entry into the stadium ($8 a day, I think. Something to help with income. If you love track, you could definitely get your money's worth.)

The Executive Board met, and the Athletes had a meeting too. Minutes from these will be available soon.

If/when Oshkosh hosts this again, don't miss it!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Bring it!

Working to keep you informed. Ask any question about Masters T&F, and I'll dig to find an answer!